AC takes posts in the Student Council

The Artists’ Circle Fraternity congratulates the entire STAND-UP slate who won unopposed in the College of Fine Arts Student Council (CFASC). Three officials from the incoming council will come from the ranks of the fraternity and the sorority. They are, Sis. Angela Rae “Ella” Sombillo ’05, College Representative; Sis. Ides Josefina Macapanpan ’04, Vice- Chairperson and Brod. Ralph Darryl Cedro ’04, Councilor. They will serve one-year terms beginning this summer.

Salutes to you brods and sisses!
We’ll look forward to your being “AC in the SC!”-Aktib Council members in the Student Council.
LHD always…

Mabuhay ang Fraternity!
Mabuhay ang Sorority!
Mabuhay ang STAND-UP!

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