Earth in the time of climate change

I’m glad that somebody else is blogging about our fraternity other than members themselves. I ran across this article on the internet on Renewable Energy information inviting other concerned artists and citizens to attend the event. Here, Here… we residents are encouraging all you young people to attend this one-of-a-kind exhibit for a cause that transcends cultural, political, and geographical lines…sabi nga nila. Coincidingly, one indirect objective of this event is to affect legislation for renewable resources although that is not implicitly stated on the paintings and artworks. You know how artists work.Anyway, unlike what they say on, you need not be a hybrid of the artsy and environment radical. The artists there are not close to being artsy and radical. They are merely socially aware and concerned with the environment. We recommend watching “An inconvenient truth” so you’d get all the hype you need to spark a conversation with the artists….and “come as you are” preferably with friends.

Am I the only one here who thinks the title is a ringer to “Love in the time of cholera”? That is just witty. We should remind each other to use the wreathes on our logo to distinguish us from other organizations. That’s our logo on the left and it’s the UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity! Damn it! It’s not like we’re doing something that should scare anyone there.

Please call Iya Cariño or Marisse Vargas at 9207923/26/31 for other information.

-External Affairs Desk-

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