AC responds to Gawad Kalinga’s “Fratwar”

Eleven residents and one Alumnus member of the Artists’ Circle Fraternity rendered a cartload of support for Gawad Kalinga’s Fratwar at the Iskolar ng Bayan site along Central Avenue in Quezon City last Saturday, July 21, 2007. AC and 10 other fraternities worked together hand-in-hand to deliver what has become a milestone in UP’s fraternity system, with 11 fraternities (many of them with long histories of rivalry and actual fratwar) setting aside their inhibitions and “burying the hatchet” for a while in turn for pitchforks, hammers, trowels and shovels. During the culminating event, GK had literally gathered more than a hundred fratmen under one roof amidst pelting rain at the building site.

The 11 fraternities and UP Gawad Kalinga have taken steps to fulfill the GK vision of building 700,000 houses by 2010 and also in laying the ground and mounting building blocks to renew the image of UP fraternities.


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