In Memoriam: JB de la Pena ’72

Brod. Josue Ben “JB” Dela Pena ’72


Batch ’72, Brod. JB- 4th in Back row (Click Picture to see details)

Brod. Josue Ben “JB” Dela Pena ’72

(July 9, 1954- September 3, 2007 )

After eight months of battling lung cancer, Brod. Josue Ben “JB” Dela Pena ’72, finally joined our creator last September 3, 2007. Brod JB is survived by his wife, Beth, one son and two daughters.

Brod. JB is a member of the revered “Pioneer” Batch which started the AC fraternity in 1972. He grew up in a Christian household, his father being a pastor and their house in Cubao located at an apartment above the church hall. He finished high school in UP with Brod Mon Jimenez ’72 and then subsequently formed the Artists’ Circle Fraternity, only 18 at that time, as a way to prolong camaraderie among the Fine Arts Basketball Team (all of whom were composed by AC frat men). After college he went on to design books for the Ateneo Press and work in the animation company Eei-Toei. He was also a strong supporter of the AC Alumni Foundation. Brods recalled how he continued to hang out at the old college library and help them out in recruitment and fraternity projects even when he was already preoccupied with work.

Brod. Mon Jimenez spoke in behalf of the AC Fraternity. He recalled how JB would “strike a pose” at his favorite place which was no other than the AC fraternity tambayan at the amphitheater at the Gonzales Hall (UP Main Library) which now houses the University Archives section. He recalled dreamily when JB was just an aspiring artist, how he met his wife Beth, then a fine arts student and how he wowed everyone with his agility in the basketball court.

Brothers of the Artists’ Circle offered white roses at the foot of JB’s urn as a traditional farewell to a forever lost but never forgotten fellow of the fraternity. JB’s legacy will live on through generations of AC frat men.

A farwell service was held at the UP Church of the Risen Lord (Protestant Chapel) last September 6, 2007.


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