In memoriam: Froilan T. Madrinan, Jr. (Faculty adviser, Honorary ’72)

Please attend our Brod Froilan T. Madrinan’s ’72, necrological rites on September 16, 2008, 8:00pm (tuesday) at the La Funeraria Paz, Araneta Ave. Q.C. (Chapel 12).

Professor Froilan T. Madrinan ’72 served as the first Faculty Adviser of the Fraternity during the summer of ’72. Most alumni members who have known him have high regard for his character which have encouraged many of them to join during their undergraduate years. Among his most recognized works include the reconstruction of the DALAMBANGA, both a historical and mystified monument in UPLB.

Aside from being an adviser of the fraternity and honorary member, Brod. Froilan T. Madrinan belongs to the UP Vanguard class of 1961 and is a Freemason.

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