“Disquiet” sa Magnet, November 15

Author's Fault by Gino Bueza, Watercolor 2007
Author's Fault by Gino Bueza '05

In the Artists’ Circle we are not only proud of our distinguished alumni but also of our distinguished and bemedalled residents.

Disquiet is an exhibit by recent winners of the Shell National Student’s Art Competition, Manolo Sicat ’04 (Sculpture ’07), Gino Bueza ’05 (Oil/Acrylic ’07) , Red Nacpil ’05 (Oil/Acrylic ’06) and Bej Bejar ’07 (Sculpture ’08), curated by their fellow resident Jun Cristobal’04.

“Disquiet” will display works depicting how mankind becomes a “product” of their history through the artists’ attention to the replacement of the real by the image.

Also, the works will mirror human relationships with the contemporary phenomenon, such as the television and internet. While the images are accepted as reality, and are there to be interrogated and exposed, the public becomes overburdened when media sensationalizes them. The end result is that they do not wish to be educated anymore. In establishing the setting, the artists looks out of his window (creating a kind of viewfinder and framing, indicating a picturesque state) and gives a description of his dreary surroundings-then states, a denial.

The postmodern man repeats this action of complacency towards imagery when reiterating them through art while becoming aware of the media. The audience will be given a pittance of hints between subjects, basing on the emerging postmodernist method. Meaning, the works will be brief, hedged, and always in the shadow of what they need to be about.

In this exhibit, the importance of creating tension in a piece of art work is partly the way its concrete facet is linked to make up an almost visible action. The subjects used are left for private reflection as in reference to contemporary affairs, where there is too much emphasis on individual power. It is an exhibit designed chiefly for introspection sort. In simple words it is an exhibit based on a history of relationships (if there is ever such a thing), without giving overt conclusions or prejudices to it. You decide.

Artists drew their inspirations from many shows in art galleries here and abroad. Their sources goes as far back as Edward Hopper, Salavador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski, several Chinese artists and Poklong Anading.

Opening Cocktails on November 15, 2008 at 6pm. Exhibit runs until December 05, 2008

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