Residents hold a series of art workshops for children in QC

The UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity is pleased to announce that it will hold art workshops for selected communities in the Quezon City Area which will start on April 27-30 2009 in Balara,Quezon City for kids age 5 and up. This series of art workshop is in line with our KALIPUNAN advocacy of “Service through art”. We like more people especially the young ones to develop a genuine love for the arts which they would hopefully carry on for the rest of their lives.

An estimated 60 children (at one time) and 30 art teachers will benefit from this event. The nature of the workshop is intensive and will cover the following subjects: Basic Drawing and Coloring, Paper crafts and clay modeling.

It is open to all children residing in the specified community and will be FREE of charge. Materials will be provided by the art teachers for the children that they will teach.

Selected works from the art workshop will be uploaded to our multiply site and at the official website of the UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity at


For communities and public schools who would like to coordinate with the Artists Circle Fraternity  for their art workshops email:

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