Farewell Ceremony for Brod Ian Dorado ’07

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On January 23, 2010 at 4pm, at the Church of the Risen Lord, the UP Artists’ Circle conducted a newly formulated fraternity rite for Brod Ian Dorado ’07, to honor his life and death. The UP Artists’ Circle called this the White Roses Ceremony

The rites were formulated by the residents out of the need of a solemn farewell to our fallen brods. Deaths in the fraternity have been more frequent during the past years.

The fraternity gave a two-fold tribute for Ian Dorado ’07, one in the form of contributions to assist the needs of family and the other in the form of a ceremony to properly honor Brod Ian. The UP Artists’ Circle also raised funds to pay for the funeral expenses.

We were honored by the presence of our alumni Brods, Armand Bacaltos, Lito Llamas, Paul Romero, Jan Calleja, Romil Mancenido, James Hermogenes, Manolo Sicat, and Dan Mendoza.

The ritual was initiated by Red Nacpil, Geronimo Cristobal, andFrancis Bejar.