Cinemalaya 2010 Best Picture “Donor” by Mark Meily ’87


Best Picture, Directors Showcase
2010 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition



A two-time Palanca Literary awardee, MARK MEILY studied Fine Arts at the U.P. before taking up film at Mowelfund in Manila and in Paris as a French Government Scholar. He has been directing TV commercials since 1991. He wrote and directed Crying Ladies and La Visa Loca which were shown and have won awards in several international film festivals like Brussels, Hamburg, Kerala, Montreal and New York. Meily also taught Film at the De La Salle University, the Asia-Pacific Film Institute and The Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film Institute. His most recent film Baler won 10 awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival while his television sit-com Camera Café won the Best Comedy Program at the Asian TV Awards in Singapore in 2008.



In her desire to work abroad, Lizette, a seller of pirated DVDs, decides to sell her kidney to a wealthy Arabian kidney patient.

P1140855_Lizette(Meryll Soriano)and Danny(Baron Geisler)in bed

IMG_9128_Danny(Baron Geisler)is confronted by Lizette(Meryll Soriano)

IMG_8915_Lizette(Meryll Soriano)meets her fiance-recipient Jasim

When a law is announced banning organ transplants between Filipinos and foreigners, Lizette agrees to marry the Arab, a man she has never met, for the surgery to push through.

IMG_8796_Lizette in the operating room

IMG_8770_Lizette(Meryll Soriano) as she is about to undergoe a transplant





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