Message of Brod Ramon Jimenez ’72 on the 40th Anniversary of the UP Artists’ Circle

UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity
40th Anniversary


by Ramon R Jimenez Jr ’72

To my dearest brothers of the Artists’ Circle,

Today, on the occasion of our cherished anniversary, it is perhaps a good time to reveal what many of you may not know about the AC: on its first year, many predicted it would not last. At that time, there were too few of us. Too little resources. Too many other larger and more powerful frats to join.

But they were wrong. So very wrong because they failed to see what brought AC to life in the first place. They failed to note the presence of one and only ingredient that not only validates AC but all other organizations that purport to be like ours. AC was sprung from true brotherhood.

Brotherhood of the rarest kind supported not my mere common interest but COMMON CAUSE. Not by common enthusiasm for fellowship but by unity behind a passion for ART. Art, the one activity that elevates men among the gods, where emotions, thoughts and inner truths are rendered visible so that ordinary mortals may partake. AC survives, nay, prevails, because it is sprung from brotherhood and it is fueled by the creative genius. It dies only if that genius loses its drive, its focus.

On the occasion of our 40th Anniversary, allow me to make a new prediction: AC will last longer that all the other ordinary fraternities. It will endure for so long, as the passion to pursue creative excellence is shared. So long as those present in body and spirit today, pledge to return to where it all began: at the feet of our Muse, amidst the love and respect of our brethren. Mabuhay and Artists’ Circle. I love you all.

– Ramon R Jimenez Jr ’72