Message of Brod Armand Bacaltos ’72 on the 40th Anniversary of the UP Artists’ Circle

UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity
40th Anniversary


by Armand Bacaltos ’72

To my dearest brothers of the Artists’ Circle,

UP Artists’ Circle began with the most ordinary of circumstances, where the core of the College of Fine Arts basketball team eventually found enough compelling reason to forge a more meaningful purpose for the strong friendship and bond that had developed out of their youthful drive and spirit for competition. That meaningful purpose was to be emphatically manifested in the phrase: “We, members of the UP Artists’ Circle University Fraternity, in order to secure for ourselves, for the youth of the nation and of the world, the blessings that come from brotherhood, and to deliver a program to our fellowmen, hereby adopt and establish this constitution.” As humble and simple those beginnings were, forty years after that declaration, I believe we can all take pride in the achievements we have done individually and collectively since then. AC brothers and sisters have proven to be high achievers, (leaders, for that matter), in the many different fields and disciplines of art, academe and now, even government service. Notedly, the Artists’ Circle has conscientiously set aside fraternalistic isolationism and has reached out to establish creative initiatives with individuals and institutions beyond its confines. Les Brown, a top American Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Best-Selling author whose passion is empowering youth and helping them have a larger vision for their lives is known for many inspiring quotes, but my favorite is one that probably tells the story of our fraternity best: “Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Forty years ago, twelve dreamers shot for the moon. Today, we the men and women of the Artists’ Circle, continue to shoot for the moon, but need only to look within our ranks to see we truly are among the stars!

-Armand “Bim” Bacaltos, Pioneer Batch ’72


Armand holds the distinction of being a 3-time winner of the Shell Art Competition. He is a regular feature in Philippine Art Festivals abroad and illustrates for books and periodicals. His works have been presented extensively in art books and magazines including Faith and the City: A Survey of Philippine Contemporary Filipino Art. His mural entitled “The West Discovers the Philippines” was among the large easel paintings showcased in the SiningSaysay collaboration of the UP Alumni Association and the Araneta Center, Inc. that traced the timeline of the Philippine’s historical highlights through visual narratives.
He founded the UP Artists’ Circle fraternity in 1972 and is a Senior Lecturer of the UP College of Fine Arts.