Tribute to UP Martyrs Brod Ian Dorado ’07 and Tania Domingo


February 6, 2015 | 6:00 PM | College of Fine Arts Parking lot, UP Diliman

“Ian and Tania: Artists. Revolutionaries. Martyrs” is a Tribute to U.P. Fine Arts students Ian Dorado and Tania Domingo on their 5th Death Anniversary in recognition of their ultimate contribution to the movement for genuine social change.

The memorial night aims to apprise FA students with the lives of these two alumni with whom they share the College history and who are worthy of emulation as artists. The memorial will include musical and literary performances by fellow artists and a look back on Ian and Tania through a video presentation and testimonials from people who knew them well—family, friends, classmates, professors and orgmates.

Both Ian and Tania were students of Painting (CFA Batch 2006 and 2007, respectively). They were exceptional artists who, because of their personal experiences and exposure to social realities, left relatively easy lifestyles to join the Filipino masses in their struggle for a humane and just society.

More information about their deaths on this link.


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Ericson Acosta
Artists Arrest
Alay Sining
UP Artists Circle Sorority
LFS UP Diliman
The UP Repertory Company
Concerned Students for Justice and Peace
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Partner Organizations:
UP College of Fine Arts Student Council
UP Artists’ Circle Sorority
Alay Sining Fine Arts
Stand UP Fine Arts
UP ArtistsCircle Frat
LFS UP Diliman