UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity celebrates 48th year

The UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity celebrates its 48th year of continuous service through the arts on the 22nd of May 2020.

The following is a message from the members of the Fraternity:

This year had a rough start.

98183348_10157317518873193_1101758844859580416_oAs a nation, we are currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and consequences of the Taal volcano eruption. Meanwhile, threats to our national sovereignty, corruption, poverty, unemployment, and attack on press freedom and other democratic rights have worsened.

As a fraternity, we are mourning the loss of our brothers, all of whom had taken part, in their own ways, in the great mission of serving the people through art.

Because of this pandemic, some of us cannot see our families, or worse, grieving the lost of loved ones. Despite the hardships, we are calling on our brothers and sisters to steadfastly keep the fire burning, for our time-tested ideals of service and brotherhood. Let us seize our roles as artists, to fight for the people, help those in need, and ensure that the voices of the victims of this present crisis are heard.

Let us commit to struggle for decent public health services, fight for our national sovereignty and our democratic rights to expression.

We would like to share the celebration of this anniversary to our frontliners, with the victims of the health crisis and the tyranny of our present leaders. Together, we will survive these challenges as the UP Artists’ Circle survived the crisis and tyranny that it confronted during its foundation in 1972.

Mabuhay ang mga Alagad ng sining!

Mabuhay ang AC!