AC supports STAND UP this USC Elections!

UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity supports STAND UP this USC Elections!

Since the fraternity’s formation, the UP Artists’ Circle has engaged its members to actively participate in serving the interests of the students and Filipino people through art.
In line with the fraternity’s principle, Service through Art, STAND UP has always been at the forefront of struggles within and outside the University of the Philippines Diliman. The party-alliance had consistently fought for the democratic rights and welfare of the students and community in the university. Amid pandemic, the worsening state of our education and continuous fascist attacks, STAND UP persisted in serving the student body and the UP Community.
Historically, STAND UP is the only political party that stood against anti-student provisions and tirelessly engaged fraternities and sororities to contribute for genuine change not only inside the University, but as well as the larger society.
In line with this, the UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity expresses its full support to the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP) this USC elections!
STAND UP together for artistic and academic freedom. STAND UP together against fascism, poor health services and pandemic response
Para sa malayang pamantasan at bayan,
Artista ng Bayan, Stand Up Together!

Sis Cj Escurel for CFASC Vice Chairperson
Sis Laine Fernandez for CFASC P.R.O.
Brod John Vash Tiston and Brod Nicholas Jalea for CFASC Councilors